What will State House and Senate Districts Look Like? Here’s our Best Guess

Our first look at legislative redistricting explained how North Carolina’s counties must be grouped together to draw State House and Senate districts. As we noted, the county grouping formula is part of the court-ordered Stephenson Criteria – a set of guidelines that ensure legislative districts comply with the centuries-old Whole County Provision in our state constitution.     In this post, … Read More

First Look and Analysis: State House and Senate County Groupings

Yesterday the Census Bureau released the population data North Carolina needed to begin the redistricting process for everything from Congressional to town council districts across the state.   While we may revisit other aspects of redistricting in future analysis, this post will focus on the State House and State Senate districts and, specifically, how the court-mandated Stephenson Criteria will cause … Read More

Differentiators Announce Local Campaigns Division

RALEIGH – The Differentiators on Tuesday launched “Differentiators Local” – a division that specializes in winning campaigns for district, county and municipal offices. The new division, led by North Carolina native Zach Almond, will offer direct mail, GOTV and advocacy phone programs, digital and social media advertising, polling, and full-service campaign management for sheriff, county commission, town and city councils, … Read More

Differentiators Direct Mail Wins Three “Oscars of Political Advertising” Awards

In its first year producing direct mail, The Differentiators’ mail won three of the American Association of Political Consultants’ prestigious Pollie awards, dubbed the “Oscars of political advertising.” The Differentiators won in regional, national, political campaign, and public affairs categories – including a national gold award for best use of opposition research. According to the AAPC, over 400 firms nationwide … Read More

Is Beer Elizabeth Warren’s Differentiator?

Successful advocacy and messaging campaigns magnify your strengths and emphasize how your strengths set you apart from your competition (your, ahem, differentiator…but we digress). That brings us to Elizabeth Warren’s widely panned Presidential campaign kickoff video.  Let’s unpack the first 30 seconds or so, because that’s about all the time you get to make an impression on social media these days.  We are … Read More